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Warhammer 40,000. Adeptus Mechanicus Archaeopter​ настольная игра

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Описание настольной игры Warhammer 40,000. Adeptus Mechanicus Archaeopter Акция!

A workhorse not only of the toxic Martian skies, but of distant worlds at the forefront of the Tech-Priests' expansion for millennia, the Archaeopter is an agile fixed-wing aircraft. Piloted by a member of the Pteraxii caste, whose legs and scapuli superior are hardwired into its controls, the nano-carbon fibre-weave of the Archaeopter's wings is capable of morphing – a property it shares with the Pteraxii flight packs. This affords great manoeuvrability and enables it to operate within changing pressures as they provide heavy fire support, saturating the foe with fire from their fearsome array of armaments.

The Archaeopter Stratoraptor is heavily armed, its weaponry featuring two cognis heavy stubbers, two heavy phosphor blasters and a twin cognis lascannon. The Archaeopte

Stratoraptor can also be upgraded with chaff launchers to thwart incoming enemy fire. If you're after a dogfighter to clear the skies of enemy aircraft or some aerial fire support against ground targets, look no further than the Archaeopter Stratoraptor.

This kit can alternatively be used to build an Archaeopter Fusilave or Archaeopter Transvector instead, meaning that regardless of which unit you assemble, you'll end up with plenty of spare components for customising your collection.

This kit is supplied in 94 plastic components and is supplied with a Citadel 170mm x 109mm Oval Base and a Citadel 115mm Ball Stem with Tang Adapter.

Внимание! Миниатюры набора не собраны и не покрашены! Клей и краски не входят в комплект!

Количество игроков
2 —
Время игры ( мин )
60 —
450 г
Games Workshop
Ограничение по возрасту
От 12 лет